LeLutka Estelle Sneak Peek!

Estelle is LeLutka’s newest skin. This is like Eclat’s sister skin, but with totally new brows, lips and different face shadings. I like Estelle a lot — especially the size of the brows! The dark brows are absolutely stunning, and less thick than the previous Eclat skin. Howeverrrrrrr, I have no idea what is going on with the light brows on Estelle.

Estelle – Light Brows & Dark Brows

Do you notice the corners on the Light Brows? There’s a small hair patch, making it thicker than the Dark Brows option. Some people may like this quirky style, but I’m not fond of it. I wish Minnu had made both of the brows the same :X

Now, with a little Photoshop magic, I erased the hair patch to make my *ideal* perfect brow shape. Note: I still suck at PS’ing. Why can’t we have these brows!!! 😛

A sharp reader wanted to know more about Estelle, so there you have it. I’m really excited about this skin but I wanted to wait until I know for sure what makeups will be available before blogging it. However, I can show you two of my favorites:

Even with the quirky Light Brows, I still love Estelle! It’s a gorgeous face, and definitely a great follow-up to Eclat.

Estelle will be released at LeLutka on Saturday!

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  1. Not keen on LeLutka skins butttttt I love your lashes Gogo, would you mind sharing where you got them? 😀

  2. Those eyebrows are truely fantastic, I can’t wait to try and see if they look on me as good as they look on you!


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