Morantique Mona Lisa Skybox


Morantique has a gorgeous Mona Lisa Skybox that would make a great backdrop for photos or a party room (it comes with a pool!). You can view the skybox rezzed in world here. I loved it when I saw it! Rezzing the skybox is super easy, and you can furnish with furniture made specifically for the skybox or with your own.


I really like the bedroom set, living room set, and matching vanity. Everything you see in the picture is included inside the furnished package – even the plants and lights!



Here’s a view of most of the pool, as seen from the bed. Isn’t it lovely?

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  1. Well… your pics are far better than the skybox itselt, it seems to me. It’s a nice concept, but with washed out and unaligned textures, there’s lots of room for improvement.

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