AtomicBambi Imani Skin


AtomicBambi is releasing this new Imani skin this weekend. This skin comes with light/red/dark brows, glossy/non-glossy lips,  freckles/non-freckles and 10 makeups. This makes a total of 120 skins in a single fatpack. Whoa.

If you’re a fan of the Lovey skins from years ago, you’ll love Imani. The first thing I noticed right away on this skin is the pouty heart-shaped lips (much like Lovey’s) and great eye makeup. The dark brows are too thick for me, the light brows is ok but a little too thick and faded compared to the rest of the face. The skin texture is fantastic, though. You should definitely try these out if you’re looking for a skin that is a good mix of hand drawn and photo-sourced — I think it’s somewhere in the middle.

Here are some of the makeups:


I’m wearing Sunblush tone.


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  1. Lovely skin, Love it! but why the obsession with that thick upper lip???? holy ghost!

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