So 2010, Secret 50L Sale

The So 2010! Secret 50L Sale is on right now until December 27th, 2009! You only have a few days left to visit over 30+ shops and buy some amazing goodies.

If you need the full list with landmarks, visit Morantique and click on the vendor to receive it.

Some of the participating shops are.. Piddidle, Dead Fantasy, Ingenue, Caroline’s Jewelry, Gigi Couture, Emery, Digit Darkes, (OMFG) I Love It!, PR!TTY, Abiss Homes, Morantique, Posh, Baiastice, Hucci, IrEn, Beries Inc., Mentine <3, Zari, Vita’s Boudoir, SD Wears, AtomicBambi, Ravissant, Before Sleep, Calamity Hathaway, Bliss Couture, Mimikri Hot Couture, Trish Talon Fashions, Attituede, Frippery, Mustache, MudHoney Designs, Gracies!, Glance Skins, and caLLiefornia.

Phew! I can’t believe I’ve just typed all that out………!

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  1. so upset and lost lol

    couldnt find anything with so 2010 in the first 2 stores both had the notecard giver :/ but i couldnt see anything with the logo on it >.>

  2. These are kinda hard to find — but there might be some great deals if you look hard 🙂

  3. I am to lazy to hunt that hard! lol I tried four stores. I only found one item for 50L and of course, there was no tag or sign to designate it. I guess the secret is that you have to work real hard for the ‘bargain’!

  4. hiya Juicy,

    any chance this sale will run over….i found lots of awesome bargains, plus lots of new places to shop. but i found this late…*pouts*

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