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Luck Inc

I’ve been meaning to blog these adorable Luck Inc. Bodysuit with Suspenders for a few weeks now. The bodysuit comes with TONS of options, you can wear it with nipples showing or with nipples covered — or with suspenders only, etc.

I’m pairing my bodysuit with two new releases from Gos, a new-to-me brand in SL. I’m wearing the Gos ‘Butterfly Sunglasses’ and Gos ‘DOCS boots’ in Black. This new store has unisex items, so guys, do check it out!

Luck Inc

What I’m Wearing:

&Bean – Pillow Light one SB NFR
Truth – Saskia (Swedish)
Luck Inc – Bodysuit with Suspenders
Gos – Butterfly Sunglasses
Gos – Docs Boots / Black

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  1. I love the look just not the flashing of the nipple

    but those shades look amazing

    looks like boyfriend boots

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  3. Well, you know those who think you shouldn’t wear anything else in public in SL than you would wear in a grocery store in RL… No need to mention names.

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