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Kira Ahn - Nora Skins

Meet Nora, she’s the lovely new freckles skin from KA Designs. I’ve been trying to mod my shape for a few days to suit this skin, but then last night I decided I would just make a whole new shape!! This is a more slender face than my regular shape, and I really like how it turned out.

The KA Nora skins have 10 makeups per skin tone, and 3 brows versions (Dark, Light, Red) and hair base option. These are my favorite makeups from KA, they’re really well done and beautiful.

Kira Ahn - Nora Skins

Kira Ahn - Nora Skins

Kira Ahn - Nora Skin

I’m wearing the new Eva hairstyle from Exile, and pairing it with Pacadi Jasha’s Amba Silk Dress in Cherry Red. <3

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