Decoy Jeans


Jeans with a great ass and nice sculpted attachments are hard to come by. I have a few favorite brands in SL because they do great low-waist jeans and offer the “skinny” sculpted legs (cos I hate everything else). I’m adding Decoy to my list of places for awesome jeans because these new Dana 76 jeans are to die for!

Each pair of jeans also includes Bootcut, Bootcut Flats, Skinny, or Skinny Flats sculpted leg attachments. I like that a “flats” version is  included because it’s such a pain when the sculpted prim leg attachment is too long for flats, and I love wearing ’em! Shown here are just a few of the colors available:



Yep, they look good from the front or the back. I should have worn a top but I couldn’t find anything that would go well with my wings today. I’m sorry guys, this post is NSFW! 😛

The jeans may not be out yet, so be sure to keep an eye out for these @ Decoy!

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