PACADI Jasha Euphoria Collection


The new PACADI Jasha Euphoria Collection is has gorgeous lingerie & complementary accessories to match. I’m wearing the PACADI Jasha ‘Oona Lingerie’ which includes Lingerie, Bra and the Mairey Leather Belt. I’m pairing mine with a Hibiscus colored leather belt, instead of the Brown one that it came with. I love the striking color combination!

If you’re a poses fan like I am, PACADI has also launched a small collection of poses great for fashion photography. I’m using them in the picture above.

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  1. I love Pacadi Jasha’s lingerie… It’s been in my inventory for a while, I already forgot about it…… my bad…. I should use that belt more often, It’s lovely. As for the poses, I think there are some weird distortions (for instance the hand on your pic with the belt), which could easily be avoided.

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