1. I’m usually nice to a fault..but, you screw me or one of my friends over and I’m finished with you. So…I’m voting for number 3:)

  2. If I really felt like the good outweighed the bad with the person I often give second and LOL maybe 3rd chances. But once I am done I AM DONE!

  3. I’m right there with Lizzie. I kinda weight how much good versus how much bad they have done to me. Also saying sorry goes a long way with me. But once its over its over. I never ignore anyone, but I just kinda stop associating with them.

  4. I tend to forgive and forget until one day, they do something extremely malicious, insensitive, harmful, unprovoked, and/or manipulative to me or someone important to me that I have no more excuses to justify why I bother with that toxic person. Purge it like a bad no transfer outfit.

  5. I won’t tolerate disrespect or disloyalty, and will tend to walk as soon as I see a hint of it. This whole culture, particularly online, of being as cruel, hateful, and apathetic as possible, because it’s ‘soo cool and emo-chic’ gets under my skin. I guess I’m too old. I don’t waste a word on on the offender, unless it involved hurting someone I love, in which case it’s good for a polite, but deft verbal filleting. *twitch* =)

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