Team Lizzie!


Check out these awesome Pink & Hot Pink Team Lizzie t-shirts! We got it custom made from T Junction, the best t-shirt shop in Second Life! If you’re looking for a quick & effective way to send a message or brighten a friend’s day, I would suggest a custom t-shirt! 🙂

P.S., I have a lot of these.. so if you want one, please leave a comment with your FULL NAME.


  1. I am at a loss for words. Hugs to you my friend. And give Wilma one for me too.

    <3 Lizzie

  2. Dawnde Lane for a tshirt please and the pink one weeeeee
    and thanks in advance 😀

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  6. Bad news as I return after one week away from SL… Lizzie best PR ever, best person to connect people and take risks so of course best one to make poor empty minds jealous. That’s how humans work i guess… Not sure what happened and don’t want to know. I just see an empty place now where before there was some original and quality pictures, writing and blogging.
    I’m lucky to have her in my RL Friends and I know she doesn’t need SL to exist 😉
    Morgan Kincess
    PS: hot pink for the tshirt please, and I hope it’s trans so my alts can wear them too?

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