The cutest lashes in SL

I never leave home without prim lashes attached, and neither should you.

I’ve been looking for new lashes cos I don’t like wearing the same lashes forever — even though I love my current ones! I don’t recommend lashes that I wouldn’t personally wear and love, so you know these are good. They’re also super affordable at only $75L per pair!

Picnik collage

WorldWide Industries – Lashes | Rainbow Hearts on my Lashes | Glitter on my Lashes

I saw someone wear these glitter lashes on the fashion feed so I went to WorldWide Industries to check ’em out. I took a chance and purchased a pair of plain lashes and two with decorations on them. I looooooooooove these. They were SO easy to fit, and the effect is subtle and cute.

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  1. “I never leave home without prim lashes attached, and neither should you.”

    I refuse to conform to your standard of beauty ha!

  2. I’d like to wear prim eyelashes inworld, but whenever I see girls who haven’t fully rezzed, it just looks like a couple of bats got stuck on their eyelids, and it just looks ridiculous. Can’t help but chuckle at it! 😉

  3. I spend ages trying to edit prim lashes and in the end they just suck on me. I’m not going to change my shape, however, so I just wear the ones that are the least bad looking.
    I dont know if it’s still on, but glow studio were doing a valentines thing where 14 items in their main store, and 3 items in each of their 3 satellite stores were set for $14l. I picked up a ton of lashes from that.

  4. OH those are fab! i love the hearts <3 i use lashes everyday; they make such a subtle enhancement to the eyes!

  5. I am addicted to full prim lashes 🙁 No problem with rez’ing but a high prim count.

  6. @Leigh
    Pick up the mannequin skin and eyes for 1L from Imagen, and try my lash fitting tutorial here: (The skin helps immensely in the fitting process because there’s no interference from eye makeup.) If you need more help, let me know.

    I rarely leave without lashes, but some skin makers – GOOD skin makers – are starting to paint on godawful lashes that make prim lashes look absurd. It’s a shame to see otherwise great skins ruined by ugly Tammy Faye-esque lashes. Sometimes I’d rather leave without lashes than try to cover them up or not wear an otherwise cute skin.

  7. Hey those really are nice! But…. psst! I would love for you to take a look at mine!
    As for fitting- yes it an be a nightmare- I teach a few model classes myself on how to fit prim lashes- would behappy to share the notes I give the girls. If anyone wants them, drop me a notecard and I wd be happy to send them to you.

  8. I bought the colored stars lashes when these came out a few months back… I wasn’t a fan of prim lashes before these, but these were so cute, fun, and sexy I haven’t taken them off… I am kinda sad I lost some of my face jewelery though…

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