Sneak Peek: Tuli Eva Skin

Tuli Eva

I was pleasantly surprised today when I got a sneak peek of this new Eva skin from Tuli! They’re so pretty!

These skins will be released on March 18th (next week), when the Journey sim reopens.

Join the TULI Update group in-world if you want all the latest news & maybe some group gifts 😛

Posted by gogo

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  1. Gosh that skin looks so amazing! I loved the group gift but this looks so much better with such great improvements. I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product!

  2. maybe in the group there will be some sneak peek , because the picks rewards have been cancelled:( nice skin anyway:)

  3. Hi Gogo, I wanted to ask you witch shape you used for this skin, looks amazing with that shape. If its one of your shapes tell me the name please, I would like to buy the shape. Thanks!!!

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