Tuli Eva Skins

Tuli Eva

Hi guys! I am kicking off your Monday with a more in-depth preview of the Tuli Eva skins! The release is just 3 days away, so I hope I’m not being too much of a tease.

Eva comes in 10 makeups, 2 cleavage options, and three brows! Tuli pretty much has everything that *I* like covered — I love regular boobs & a bit of a cleavage boost, and I loooove different brows choices to match a variety of hair colors.

Tuli Eva

Tuli – Eva brows – Light – Brown – Black

Here’s a preview of all 10 of the makeups available:

Tuli Eva

Tuli Eva

Tuli Eva

This face is so sexy! The skin tone & texture is so realistic and so easy to photograph. The skin looks so different on my shape, but that’s what I really like about it. I feel like this skin has a more mature look, and begs to be worn with darker hair. For me, Tuli’s skins have always been better for Brunettes, so that’s what I usually wear it with.

How I choose my hair color for any skin depends on how the skin looks on me — does it scream Blonde, or Brunette? Even though most skins are pretty versatile and works with many hair colors, there’s always a “perfect” hair color for any skin, that will just work together to make everything more realistic.

Tuli Eva skins are available on March 18th @ Tuli’s Main Store on Journey.

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  1. I have been waiting for this skin to come out ever since Tuli sent the group gift out. Every time this woman releases a skin, it’s better than the last and always blows me away! Her skins are absolute perfection and I’m counting the hours until March 18.

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  3. Gogo, please, which shape are you wearing?
    Its lovely and the skins simply DONT work on my shape, but I love the skins!!

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