Fishy Strawberry Natalie

Fishy Strawberry - Natalie Skin

Typically I don’t think of Fishy Strawberry as a place for skins because the clothes comes first, but Fae Eriksen has been working so hard to release this new Natalie face, and I think that she has improved a lot as a skin maker. The face is pretty cute and the skins are available in a ton of options!! Hair base, cleavage and two different brows per makeup.

Fishy Strawberry - Natalie Skin

And because Ann said there are a lot of nekkie people on the feed, I thought I would throw in this lovely boobs shot for the Natalie skins for you guys 🙂

Also, if you want a FREE makeup, go to Fishy Strawberry and touch the subscribomatic sign.

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  1. I love this skin! The body itself is perfect and I love how it isn’t overly drawn like a lot of skins now of days. I would recommend it. Especially the group gift.

  2. Very pretty lips! I <3 Pink make up 😀
    Couple of comments: I would love to see this skin with thicker brows + somehow the lighting on the forehead makes her seem angry O.o

  3. The lips look really sore to me.
    I love the makeups on all of the FS skins. They’re always so pretty and dramatic, plenty of options. However the lips and eyebrows do put me off.

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