Isabeal Jupiter asked me to submit a head shot for her blog project showcasing beautiful avatars around SL. Normally I’m too lazy to participate in anything, but I actually did this!!

Normally I would have used LeLutka skin, cos that’s what my avatar wears a lot but I felt like wearing Laqroki’s Pearl skin today. I feel like my avatar is not defined by a single skin. At any given moment, I am obsessed with several skins at once.

But for today, this is me.

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  1. Hello, such a beautiful picture 🙂 The clothes, hair and skin together looks so magic. It made me think though, if you take a photo, for instance this one, do you own the copyright to it then? Even though the skin, hair, eyes, clothes etc. aren’t yours? Or is it like in RL, that you can photo a person in the city or a building and still own the copyright to the photo even though you didn’t make that person nor built the house 😉

    • 😀 I love your look, GoGo ^_^

      Also, I was wondering how to go about submitting a photo as well. I took a look at her blog but couldn’t find any contact information (granted my web browser was refusing to load half of the site). Thanks in advance 😀

  2. fab skin..I wear Laq all the time, but I can’t leave Claudia for Pearl or I would..

  3. I tried to contact Isabeal but she had no idea what i was talking about when i aksed her how and where to upload the pixs..after a not very nice answer from her I decided not to participate lol *i wihs people were more polite and less moody lol*

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