Laqroki Dazzling Eyes

Laqroki Dazzling Eyes

Laqroki Dazzling Eyes – Iceblue | Mixed Eyes | Pacific

I don’t recommend eyes often, so you guys know when I do, they’re only eyes *I* would personally wear. These new Laqroki Dazzling Eyes series are STUNNING. The right pair of eyes can totally transform your avatar’s face. Each pair of Dazzling Eyes are $100L each. I tried to search for a fatpack but there wasn’t one 🙁

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  1. Hi Gogo, I’m in love with the eyes! I’m just absolutely giddy over all the fabulous posts in such little time. I was wondering, however, what skintone you’re wearing? I’m guessing something from Laqroki, but I could be wrong!

  2. Hi Dacey 🙂 I wear Peach skin tone, most of the time. I also like the darker one after Peach sometimes, if I want a sunnier beachy look.

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