Reek Saddles & Cowboy hats, oh my!


Riq Graves of Reek has so much talent, it’s almost unfair! This first hairstyle is called Savannah 1 (includes a color-changing Cowboy hat) is similar to Topeka 1, and Topeka 2 (they have braids). For a first hairstyle, this is very cute and far better than most firsts I’ve seen.


Reek also released this Saddle Stool in White and Natural Wood texture for 50L Friday this week, if you want a cute posing prop/decor item. This Saddle Stool includes 6 built-in animations, and my favorite is the Rodeo! animation, which has to be seen in-world to be truly appreciated. Go check it out!


What I’m Wearing:

Reek – Savannah 1 Hair (Dark Brown)
LeLutka – Lola (Sunkissed) makeup5 (L Brows)
AOHARU – FrontKnotShirt (Flower/Pink)
G-Field – Capri Jeans (Vintage Blue & Hibiscus White)
ANEXX – 2WayBeltLaceUpBoots (Pink)

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  1. Those boots, very cool. The only minor thing i have with Annex is that they arent SL viewer 2.0 compatible yet. It is impossible to wear certain trousers with prim ends in combination with Annex.

    Annabelle <3

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