Chaisuki Vienna Skins

Chaisuki - VIENNA (Peach)

Chaisuki has just released the new Vienna skins with so many options and choices!! I’ll just paste the info cos I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed (ok, I’m just lazy) by all the options available (but omg what a great deal!):

Vienna is available in/with:
– 6 skintones
– 18 make-ups
– lipsticks (18 different ones)
– optional hairbase
– alternative breasts
– optional tan-line
– optional pubic hair

Chaisuki - VIENNA (Peach)

Chaisuki - VIENNA (Peach)

I’m showing 8 of 18 available makeups in the Peach skin tone. I like this tone a lot, and the brows colors matches perfectly with the tone. The brows are lighter in light skin tones and darker in darker skin tones.

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  1. Hey GoGo
    this looks gorgeous . Is this one of the shapes you sell ? and if so, could i ask which one. Thanks =)

  2. Karen, the hair is from Truth..I think it’s called Evy (or Evie). Not sure on eyes.

    Great post!! I’d love to see Chaisuki venture into darker skin tones ….

  3. Are these the same eyes from the Dekade Brooke post a while back? If so, everyone is dying to know where they’re from, they’re GORGEOUS. As are you! 🙂

  4. GoGoooooooooooo
    What shape before i kill you and what eyes before they mob you !!!!!!!!! lmao
    j/k we still love your busy butt.
    Gets gun ready lol

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