I promised a friend I would try to do darker styles but honestly, I just can’t do dark. I tried, I really did, but I ended up wearing skimpy lingerie with Black sexy wings. Does this count?

I’ll try again later, cos I do have my eyes on some sexy vampire skins.

If you know where to get blood or cuts and bruises on a tattoo layer, please leave me slurls!

Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry – Ignition (Red)
Wings: Sweetest Goodbye (part of the Placebo outfit)

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Gogo is a prolific Second Life blogger who sometimes write in third person to sound cool. Thank you for reading JuicyBomb!


  1. Hmm, it’s cute but I do agree with you. You rock the cutsie style and it’s become your trademark, and it matches your blog design, writing style and content. It’s why I keep coming back! But hey, there is nothing wrong with a few dark side posts here and there, we do love the variety too.

    Keep up the great work!

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