Ruffle Rompers, is there anything cuter?

Wilma, me

AOHARU released an adorable Ruffle Romper outfit in floral patterns and solid colors. I knew Wilma would pick up a few for herself so I invited her to snap some pictures with me for my rompers post!

This Ruffle Romper also includes a pair of longer pants (similar to capris) so you’re getting two styles in one!

Wilma, me

Last time when I posed with Wilma, I mentioned how difficult it was to find poses for two girl friends so Annah Whitfield sent me a few from her shop. I’m using the Best Friends pose from StoRin and it’s just perfect. I didn’t know StoRin had so many friends poses, so they’ll come in handy when I need ’em for blogging in the future.

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  1. Hey, Gogo, what viewer are you using and in what settings when you take these pics? I’m using Emerald but even with gorgeous windlight settings I can’t get this level of crispness AND detail and shadows/highlights. TY 🙂

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