Peek-a-boo SL!

pink fuel

Work in progress skin, from Pink Fuel.

I think that lots of girls will be happy with this release, especially if you’re already a fan of the cute young faces from Pink Fuel. I know I am, but I have always favored the ‘youngish’ look in SL rather than the mature glam look. I’m not glam… I don’t really even like to wear shoes most of the time when I’m floating around in-world from sim to sim.

pink fuel

Are you looking forward to the final version of this skin as much as I am?

I hope the final is something like this, because I think it’s perfect already.

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  1. Aha, can’t wait to buy this skin, it’s gorgeous 🙂 Where are your lashes and eyes from? 8}

  2. Aww! i loved these skins… they are so cute..
    i think its perfect for my child AVI huh
    thanks Gogo

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