Let them eat Caroline’s Jewelry Cake Rings!!

Caroline's Jewelry

Caroline’s Jewelry has created six adorable Cake Rings for the Gatcha Festival. You’ll have to pay the Gatcha machine to win a random one, but they have no copy/transfer perms so you can trade these with friends and collect them all! 🙂

Caroline's Jewelry


Caroline's Jewelry

What I’m Wearing:

Caroline’s Jewelry – Cake Rings
Truth – Keeley Streaked (Cocoa)
Laqroki – Pearl 07 [Fair] Glow Skin
G-Field – Silky Blouse (Charlotte) Pink

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  1. helloo i was wondering where the eyelashes are from?? 🙂 i hope u can help me! they are gorgeous… if u cant tell me.. can u give me some places to get nice eyelashes if its ok tyvm tc! :))

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