Maitreya hair

Maitreya hair

Maitreya – Taryn II | Saar | Taryn | Kim

A great Platinum Blonde hair texture is so hard to come by in SL. I have my favorite Platinum color from just a few brands in SL, and Maitreya is one of ’em. Even though everyone usually goes gaga for new Maitreya shoes, I’ve always been a bigger fan of the hairstyles cos their fatpack was affordable and the Blonde colors are amazing. I did notice that Maitreya raised the prices of fatpacks a bit and single packs too, blah… so I splurged on 4 Blonde packs instead.

If you like hair… Visit Maitreya!

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  1. I’m a long time maitreya fan, but I don’t know, after such a wait for new hairstyles, these seem so similar to older styles…

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