Jewelry in SL gets better and better every year. Some of my favorite “must have” brands are long gone from SL, but there are newer designers to take their place.

If you haven’t heard… Jewelry Fair 2010 opens this Friday! The event runs from October 8th – October 17th!

Kunglers is just one of many amazing jewelers at the fair. I’m wearing the new Camelia jewelry set from Kunglers, and it’s so perfect.

I wanted to show you guys a couple of different angles but my SL crashed and ooops, I didn’t feel like re-creating the windlight setting. So here is a photo of 3 more colors & metals available for this set:


Kunglers – Camelia: Aluminium | Silver | Golden

Visit Kunglers Mainstore

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  1. 😀 jewelry fair *jumps up and down all excited like then frowns* nuuu lag :(. Oh, wells somethings we must lag for like awesome jewelry :). I didnt know kunglers made jewelry but they do have some nice dresses. I tried to pay attention to the jewelry but your lovely top was too distracting 😮

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