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Whenever I want to re-decorate a corner of my home or add some stuff to it, I go shopping in my inventory first. I have so much junk stuff in my inventory that there’s some stuff I have never seen before!

Such as this….


MudHoney – Woody Entertainment Center (Zombie Popcorn Hunt Gift)

I am pretty sure this hunt is over, but wow, what a fantastic item!


MudHoney – Naturals Low Prim Set (Avacado Sofa & Avacado Stripes Rug)
MudHoney – Carpenter Coffee Table

What Next

What Next – Just the Two of Us

I found this armchair at What Next and had to have it! I normally don’t like modern designs, but I love that it has seating for two people and is scripted to texture-change. It’ll work with lots of looks so if I get bored, I can just change the pattern.

Visit MudHoney
Visit What Next

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  1. Those are really cute! I love the entertainment center, it has personality. The books aren’t perfectly situated on the shelves so it keeps your interest.

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