cheLLe – Home Made (face mask)

cheLLe (face mask) Home Made

✿ cheLLe ✿ has a new set of Home Made face masks that’s perfect for a girl’s night in (or guys)! This is my first attempt at painting a whole face, so I hope you guys like it and all the different mask flavors (Avocado, Berry, Chocolate, and Vanilla) and 9 different fruits and veggie slices are included.

These are soo MmmmMmmm good, you’ll have to stop other people from wanting to lick your face!

Purchase this pack online!

cheLLe @ SL Marketplace

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  1. Gogo love it!!

    Now we just need hair towels (hair twisted up in a towel, make sense?)
    and towels wrapped round our body -I don’t like the few variations out there…
    Oh and bath robes!!! Big snuggly looking terry cloth ones!

  2. OOh and Gogo, wheres that lovely necklace from? And is the face/mask/totem a sculpt or 2d image?
    its cooool!

    • Ohhh this is so old, I’m not sure it’s around anymore. It’s created by someone named Lilly Callisto, acquired in 2007.

      You could try sending her a notecard and asking her about it? It’s called (Juicy) Tiki Necklace.

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