What Next, North West

What Next

I love girlie home decor! What Next has a new Mirabelle ‘Tea for Two’ set that would make a lovely addition to any home or skybox. I love the texture-changing chairs and table cloth, and adorable poses built into the chairs.

What Next

Also shown above is the matching Mirabelle Cabinet & Decor; this cabinet features a texture-changing curtain.

North West

Looking for a cozy new skybox? Check out the Havisham Apartment Skybox from North West. This two-room skybox is the perfect size and scripted to change wall, floor, and curtain textures.

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  1. I was just wondering, it looks like the tea cups have “light” on them? Are they tea cup candles? ( The one’s on the cabinet )

  2. Ooooh! *runs around in circles* Thank youuu, you took such pretty pictures, Gogo. ❤

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