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The I <3 Originals Fair starts tomorrow, February 5th and runs through February 13th. I am blogging to you from inside a lovely new starstruck prefab home that will be available at the fair, for only $350L (special fair price, it will be $500L in-store).

The Hathern home is a two-story modern Victorian style that features a stair case, two fireplaces, and is just the right size for one person (or two!).


There’s plenty of windows to let the sunshine in!


I decorated this home with a couple of pieces from my home decor shops, but quickly ran out of prims on my island (damn you prim limits!). I was able to furnish it pretty well on a limited prim budget, but now I’ll have to delete something from my other house, before I can rez more 😛

Furniture Used:

starstruck – The Hathern
MudHoney – Lawrence Office
MudHoney – Breitman Entrance Set
MudHoney – Seville Mini Bath (suys)
Kyoot Home – Fall Of Pan Ottoman (Shabby)
Kyoot Home – Notes Chandelier

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