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Elikatira – Glory 2 (includes Glory with shorter bangs) |  Hye | Alright

New Elikatira hairstyles are so adorable!! Visit Elikatira in-world or at the online Marketplace.

I’m waiting anxiously for Laqroki to release the new Linnea skin! A preview of Linnea can be seen on Mallory Cowen’s flickr page. While I wait, I thought I would put on an older favorite of mine, the Pearl skin from Laqroki. This is one of the nicest “Blonde” skins that I have, and I love it to pieces.


Check out this adorable Boho Summer tube top and matching Day Tripper Bag from Addict! I just LOVE Yellow, it’s so cheerful and just a little bit retro.

What I’m Wearing:

Addict – Boho Summer Tube & Bag (Project Themeory)
Nardcotix – MANA Vixie Shoe
Ronsem – Cropped Denim Jeans
Doppelganger Inc. – Charm Bikini (Yellow)
Surf Co – Beach Pass Bracelet (F) – Red
Glitterati – Model’s Own (background & Mannequin)


  1. The new face looks cute but vaguely reminds me of other faces they already have, phoebe kinda comes to mind. I love laq but I wish they’d do pale non-goth skins (the pale they have looks dead :/) and a updated body would be really nice.

  2. One of the best pictures I’ve seen from you… the way the shadows fall, the pose, the prop and of course your styling! <3
    Mmhm, I think I "need" that top and bag.
    But the preview didn't sell itself to me. It looks like too many other LAQ skins. Pearl and Vilda is much better IMHO. I could wish they updated the body and skin structure…. LAQ is a bit too smooth and glossy for me.

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