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Gogo Bloom

Meet Gogo Bloom!

What is a Bloom Doll, you ask? They’re fun, they’re cute, and SL residents looooove them. These Bloom Dolls are inspired by RL Blythe dolls, which I collected before discovering SL. Similar to Blythe, the SL version also has a large head, small waif-like body, color-changing eyes and so much more!! I actually like my SL Bloom doll more, cos she can “share” Gogo’s massive inventory.


The eyes are scripted to open/close, change eyes colors, and show/hide eyelids, and show/hide eyelashes.

Gogo Bloom

Bloom Petit Shape | Bloom Girl Shape | My shape

A lot of SL residents wear the entire package, but you can wear your Bloom Doll (head) with any shape as long as it looks good 🙂

There are several different basic Bloom Dolls to choose from, they have different skin tones and makeups, but they’re all pretty similar. I purchased the Boo Bloom package (worn in this post).

Each Bloom Doll package includes…

Bloom Doll / Bloom Girl Shape
Bloom Doll / Bloom Head
Bloom Doll / Bloom Skin
Bloom Doll / Petit Bloom SHape
Bloom Doll / Collector’s Box
Bloom Doll / 5 poses
Bloom Doll / Style Card

Bloom Dolls are available at Surf Co. Mainstore.

What I’m Wearing:

Cake – Papercut II (Pink) hair
Blowpop – Blue Roses (Pink Cami)
Sweetest Goodbye – Baby Doll Euphoria Edition Underpants
Mentine – Tycoon Boots (Pink Leather)

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  1. Alot of my friends have gotten these lately and love them so of course I jumped on board.. I’m such a follower. Because of my recent loving of darker skins I picked up Mocha Bloom. Its very cute.

  2. Okay I am the ONLY one to find these creepy? These big headed, big eyed…Chucky looking dolls are…*ahem* cute? Very scary more like it. I just saw someone on a sim with one on and all I wanted to do was leave the vicinity. Totally not my thing. And I shapeshift alllllll the time! Lurve my collection. But…this…won’t be in my colllection. It’s weirdness haha. But, if you like ’em go ahead….whew what will pop up next.

  3. I’m so glad I saw these avi’s on people before I bought one. They are very cute for styling and taking pictures – not for walking around in! Very scarey.

  4. totally adore these as ive ♥d Blythe dolls like 4eva, i hope the Bloom dolls stick around for a while (:

  5. i bought one but the eyes arent very good… the eye sculpts are like poking out = kinda weird… i like the real ones better =……..much better

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