Tableau Vivant

Tableau Vivant

New launched Tableau Vivant is so fantastic!!! I haven’t had this much fun trying on new tattoo makeups in awhile.

These Tableau Vivant Light & Shadows eye makeups are gorgeous and some includes decorative attachments (lashes, feathers, leaves) that complements the makeup so well. I really like the pretty and pastel ones, but I also love the dark and moody ones too.

Tableau Vivant
Tableau Vivant
Tableau Vivant

Visit Tableau Vivant ~ these makeups are not just for girls.

In my next post, I will show you some of the new clothes from this brand, but I’m still undecided if I want to show you guys nipples are not, LOL!

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    • Aw, thank you very much! The flower headband came with the Lola skin from LeLutka, from ages ago.

      • which is a good thing, though I never found any of your posts I have read “dirty”, you keep it tastefull, so it’s ok. (I have never done a nude shot of my avatar ever, but I don’t have anything against it unless it’s porn, degrading, tasteless or too much, which I have never seen in your blog, but clean is good :D)

  1. Gogo! these have to be one of the best tatoos i have seen you wearing!!

    We want tities!! we wants nipples!!! nippllleeess

  2. i was hoping someone would blog this, i bought the leaves, blue w/diamonds and gold with gems for myself yesterday. reminded me of seasons.

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