I didn’t forget about Bubblegum Weekends! We have 144 members on the Flickr group, and that’s pretty awesome.

I have been thinking of maybe coming up with some more weekly “theme” things to do, so if there’s anything you’d like to “see more of” in SL, leave me some suggestions!

What I’m Wearing

Truth – Tasmine (Fairyfloss)
Severed Garden – Efia (Vibrant)

Posted by gogo

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  1. Gorgeous, as usual. I’ll be taking part of the Bubblegum Weekends, sounds fun.

  2. is that filter effect done on photoshop or was it taken naturally in second life. it’s really nice.

  3. Awesome stuff here! I’ve been stalking your blog for a while now, and I love your stuff, I use a lot of it for rp, and fantasy things.

    Though I was wondering if you might do some punky/grungy stuff? I haven’t seen a whole lot of blogs that cover that sort of style. Or maybe I just suck at finding them. You said a theme so how about Punk Wednesdays. I suck at names. x.x

    Keep up the awesome posts!

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