Swallowtail Flower Crown

Swallowtail has been quiet for quite some time, but I’m delighted to discover that this brand is back with a lovely new accessory. The Flower Crown & matching flower bracelet is a mesh item, and it is gorgeous.

Swallowtail Flower Crown

I’m trying to take more photos on location again (instead of just my plain wall), so I went to Zigana, and it is a stunning sim!

Gos Storm Sandal

Check out these lovely new Storm Sandals from Gos. Every component of this sandal is scripted to color or texture change. I kept it simple by texturing all the components with a Stone Suede texture, but you could certainly go crazy with this and create a personalized color scheme.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Sheer Balm (Nude)
Tres Blah – Nail Colour (Pale Pink)
Exile – Evette (Roots) Stefani
Swallowtail – Flower Crown & Bracelet (Yellow)
G-Field – Lace Tops (Lucy) White
Tres Blah – Juju Jeans (Ripped)
Gos – Storm Sandal

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  1. Zigana freakin’ rocks, and its creator (Nalena Fairey) does too — it’s always great to see designers who not only take the time to make lovely things (for the home in this case), but also to offer strikingly beautiful surroundings.

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