GoodMorning is an adorable sleep set from Severed Garden that includes all the accessories you’ll need to have a great morning. I’m wearing the GoodMorning set in Green, with the Sleeping Mask, matching Slippers, Pillow (animated) and Waffle. This set also includes a coffee cup and a GoodMorning static pose (not used).

All Severed Garden items are scripted with a re-size script and is no-mod. I kind of dislike that, as I struggled with fitting the sculpted shorts. The top was easy to fit, but the shorts will only work with certain poses (with legs straight and farther apart) to prevent it from sinking into your thighs.

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Horizon (Blonde 05)
Severed Garden – GoodMorning (Green)

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