• How to make poses in Second Life, part 2
    An easy to follow tutorial on how to mirror poses for Second Life using DAZ Studio.

    Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose
    Bright glaring light? Newbie edit pose? Follow my easy tutorial to improve your editing experience.

    How to sell Lindens
    Get more money for your Lindens! A tutorial explaining how to use the Linden Dollar Exchange and set Limit Sell rates.

    How to make poses in Second Life
    An easy to follow tutorial on how to make poses for Second Life using DAZ Studio.

    JUICYBOMB.COM – Studio Windlight Settings
    Download five of my favorite Studio Windlight settings!

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Blogging Second Life

Cajsa Lilliehook  started a new site called Blogging Second Life, that lists Second Life blogs (separated by category) and also creator’s profile & store marketplace link.

I think it’s brilliant.

There are lots of blogs written by lovely SL residents (like me, lol) and if you haven’t noticed, there are way more female bloggers than male! WE WIN! This is why there’s an overwhelming number of fashion geared towards female avatars (we shop more, we blog more) and a smaller percentage for male fashion.

Someone asked me where to find male fashion blogs, well here you go. Follow this link, there are at least 20 fashion blogs listed here.

This is a great new resource, so if your link is not listed, go ahead and submit!

DO use this list to discover new awesome blogs
DON’T use this list to spam bloggers