1. Oh no.
    Exile is turning into Truth with the ‘disney princess’, hair-so-big-its-impossibly-big’, ‘toddlers in gigantic wigs and tiaras’ size hairs.

    Bouffant to the MAX.

    SIGH! I like realistically thick, realistically long hair, why don’t hair designers!?

  2. *sighs*
    Went running to try it but while pretty in pictures the Misha hair suckssssssss – stiff! Looks ridiculous when you move.

    • Thats actually what I think of most of Exile’s hair – great in pictures, terrible for any avatar that doesn’t stand perfectly still all day.

  3. I tried the Mishap in Autumn and it didn’t look as good as the blonde. I thought that it looked slightly fake. I will definitely check it out in a blonde shade now though!

  4. Wow, stunning, the beauty mark adds something that just completes the look, you look beautiful here.

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