Cupcake Gluttony

Cupcake Gluttony

The Festival of Sin is OPEN!

You can be sinfully sweet & delicious in this new Glucose headband from LOULOU&CO. I’m also wearing the Cupcake Gluttony lingerie set from Schadenfreude; this set is just adorable with the cupcake print! <3

Cupcake Gluttony

There are many sins to indulge in at Festival of Sin. What’s your favorite?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Alyx (Honey) Candy Hearts (ltbrow)
Elikatira – Breeze (Blonde 05)
LOULOU&CO – Glucose Headband
Schadenfreude – Pink Cupcake Gluttony Lingerie
G-Field – Strap Shoes Alex
Illusory – Dessert Bunny (Confetti Fun)

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  1. i so look forward to your fashion blogs….however, i cannot enter the FESTIVAL OF SIN…makes me so sad….the sim is full ..which is good, for the mercents, but laggy for us….so i guess i will just buy what i need and want from the stores directly on their sims….i find with alot of events, i am unable to participate because of primage….keep up the good work…

  2. I cannot seem to find LOULOU&CO – Glucose Headband I checked the market and the store, but I can’t find it, can you please link me? or is it discontinue?

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