Sunny Day


You guys are so awesome!! Thank you for answering my hair color poll, it will help me decide which hair color(s) to wear more going forward. I thought people might be bored of seeing Blonde on me, but so far it has the most votes!

Today I’m wearing an unnatural hair color, cos I think it really goes well with the color scheme of this outfit. I just love the Dominique 2 hairstyle from Wasabi Pills, it frames the face very nicely.

Hucci has a new collection of short mesh dresses out! I’m wearing the Cinnamon Dress, it’s oh so colorful, and pairing it with the new Hucci Kayla Pumps.

What I’m Wearing:

Wasabi Pills – Dominique 2 (Mesh) Aquatic
Hucci – Cinnamon Dress (Sunny Day)
Hucci – Kayla Pump (Wild Pink)

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