FaMESHed is a new monthly event that focuses on mesh items, and the first cycle is out now! I like events with some new designers involved, and there are definitely a few here that are not involved in any other events.

I try to mix-and-match mesh items with non-mesh, but I only noticed this while cropping my photos, that I totally goofed up my pictures cos I didn’t notice that my mesh hair is going through my prim top! I hope you guys will overlook my oopsie, and wear a top that doesn’t do this! LOL!


I’m wearing the Groove Theory hair from Exile (available Culture Shock), Fan Necklace & Earrings set from HANDverk, and Bootcut Jeans from Cracked Mirror. Check out these items & more at FaMESHed.

Visit FaMESHed
(May 1st – May 21st)

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Groove Theory (Flash)
Cracked Mirror – Bootcut Jeans Mesh (Faded)
Maitreya Gold – Yaxkin (Cocoa)
HANDverk – Fan Necklace & Earrings (Gold/Brown)
G-Field – Lace Tops (Lucy) Ivory

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  1. I went to FaMeshed yesterday and found an adorable Seahorse & pearl necklace set. It’s so cute! It has a texture changer (8 colors) and has options to let you wear just the seahorse, just the pearl, just the starfish, or all three together.
    I can’t remember the creator, but the vendor is pretty easy to spot.

  2. I love that hair, just got the demo, but even with the alpha there two small bits that poke through close to wear the bangs start. I assume i cannot move the hair because its rigged right? It looks a little flat on my head hahah, i like to move hair up.

    Well, maybe one day mesh will conform over the avi mesh , for now i will have to see if i can find a better alpah that goes lower into my forehead, as the shape changes to make it go away definitely change my face.

  3. Since more and more mesh clothing is released that uses transparency i get more and more problems with alpha interference of mesh-hair and clothes. And i guess there is nothing we can do about it. It really sucks 🙁

  4. hi ㋡

    Ok, i made my own alpha that comes down farther on the forehead to cover those nasty holes.
    If any one has some poke through in the bangs area, and if you are like me and like your face as is, send me an im in world and i will give you a copy to see.

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