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Elate is back with a newly released mesh blazer! I made a retro-inspired outfit based around the blazer, and I just love it. The Navy colored looks like denim, so I paired it with denim jeans and a vibrant printed top underneath.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Rumour Has It (Vanilla)
Elate – Natalia Blazer (Navy)
Blowpop – Three Goddesses Print Tank
Maitreya – Flare Jeans (
Celoe – Aelia Wedges (Rocher)
What Next – Amalfi Café Table & Chairs
@ Juicy Cafe, JuicyBomb sim

Posted by gogo

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  1. Hey GoGo,

    I adore your blog….question for you. What is the exact number on the Maitreya jeans your are wearing in this pic? I bought the number 5 thinking they were the darkest but they don’t look nearly as dark as in your pic.

    I would love to know…thanks

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