Petite2 is here!


The new Petite2 mesh avatar from Yabusaka is so adorable!! If you’re a fan of the first Petite, you’ll love this new face! Being petite is awesome, but I think I’ll need a whole new wardrobe cos a lot of my regular stuff won’t resize, especially if it’s rigged mesh. I was lucky to have been able to shrink the unrigged version of the Frill Bikini, and this unrigged London Rain hairstyle from Exile to fit.

Inside the Petite2 package:

  • Mesh Skin Tinting HUD
  • Petite Mesh Control HUD
  • Petite2 Deformer
  • Petite2 EyeR/L
  • Petite2 Facial HUD
  • Petite2 optional Parts (more hands, feet)
  • Petite2 Body, Shape
  • Petite2 HeadA
  • Petite2 Hands
  • Petite2 Feet


Playing with the Facial HUD; this is closed eye.


Look how small I am!

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  1. I love this new Petite! I saw it on Flickr and rushed to get mine! Great new options and loving the new face and the body isn’t quite as ‘waffey’… is that a word? ;). I too had to resize hair. I haven’t tried out a ton of clothing as I was too busy playing with the facial hud oh and playing with putting my favorite skins on it… which look great! Fantastic job by Yabu!

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