Apple Fall

Apple Fall

The September cycle of faMESHed is here! I’m posing in the Blob Room Display from Apple Fall – it comes with furniture & decor, and is rezzable as one soft-linked object that can be moved around. This room is adorable! I’ve been too lazy to arrange furniture, so when things are soft-linked, I love.

Exile also has this Ready To Go hairstyle out at faMESHed, be sure to get it! There are two new color packs – Natural Fusion, and Wild Fusion. The colors are fantastic, and so vibrant!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Pink Fuel – Lip Glaze (Salisa)
Exile – Ready To Go (Swiss)
R2 – Color Tunktop Mini One Piece (XS) Pink
Armidi/Intimizzio – Silk Wish Braziere (Black)
Mon Tissu – Hanalei Shorts (S) Black
Celoe – Aelia Wedges (Ripple)
Apple Fall – Blob Room Display (@ faMESHed)

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  1. Really nice look today, this Kumi skin looks so lovely with the brown hair! Heading over to FAMEshed now, lol, so I expect to be penniless within the hour 🙁

  2. OK I looked up R2 for the cute little mini one-piece and only shops that came up in the search were for silly Star Wars stuff : /
    Any other name or info on that top would be sweet!

  3. I am not doing well with this posting at all…not only could I not find the top but I couldnt find the Armidi/Intimizzio – Silk Wish Bra either!

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