I had too much fun wearing this new Mermaid eyeshadow from cheLLe (it’ll be out tomorrow!). I really love bold and colorful eye makeup, I can’t wait to show you guys all the colors!

My outfit today is color-coordinated with the Blue Mermaid eyeshadow. This ultra sexy Halter in Dunabe Blue is from One Bad Pixel. It’s mesh, and fits like a glove! 🙂


What I’m Wearing:

Burley – Stasia (Platinum01)
One Bad Pixel – Halter (M) Danube Blue
BOOM – Feel Free Shorts (Bleached Blue)
G-Field – Long Cuff Boots (Will)
Swallowtail – Flower Bracelet (Blue)


  1. Love that hair!
    The eyeshadow looks really cool, can’t wait to see the other colours as well.
    I was debating wether or not to get the top, think I will after seeing this 🙂
    Nice look, Gogo.

  2. Love love cheLLe! Will def be getting these. Also, would you like to exchange links for our blogroll? Thx Gogo. <3

  3. Why is it that this hair doesn’t make your forehead look huge? Did you photoshop the pic? I bought this hair and I love the style, but I never wear it because I can’t get past how huge it makes my forehead look. Like freakishly huge. Its time like this that I wish I could modify rigged mesh hair just so I could reposition it a tiny bit lower.

    • I don’t know! This is my first Burley hair purchase, cos their past styles do not fit me at all!

  4. Supa-kewt look, Gogo!
    I’m curious though, how tall are you in these pictures?
    And are you using a different shape than the shape in the posts of Sep 25 and Sep 28?

    • My avatar is 5.58 feet without shoes. I don’t change my height often, only once a year or so, when I feel like going a bit taller or shorter. I was closer to 5.9 feet last year.

  5. Stopped by one bad pixel to pick up this top i was dumbfounded when i saw the prices of there clothing. 350L for this halter top. i could buy a whole outfit for this price at Coldlogic.

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