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    How to make poses in Second Life
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From SL, With Love

Winter Wonderland

The With Love Hunt is coming! It doesn’t start until the 30th, but I have to show you this cape! I know you guys don’t like teasing, but this gorgeous Chloe Cape from Diram is part of the hunt, and I felt inspired to wear it today. I normally don’t do hunts, but I think that for $10L, you can’t pass this up.

I’m at Izzie’s gorgeous sim for this photo. I love Winter sims! Do you guys know of any other ones?

When I left my sim earlier today, I ran into Caduceus Lorakeet (twice). The first time, he snapped a picture of me and posted it to Flickr, and the second time, he showed it to me like a stalkerazzi (jk!). Normally, that would freak me out a bit, but he called me SL Royalty, and that made me happy. Also, I’m glad I was wearing shoes, instead of my usual “I’ll just tp around barefoot, nobody’s looking at me” look. I seem to have forgotten my shirt though, but at least from the backside… it looks decent! :D

Winter Wonderland

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Pink Fuel – Lip Glaze (Retro)
Exile – Breathe Me (Frost)
Diram – Chloe Cape
LeLutka – Fur Hat&Muff
Celoe – Snare Ankle Boots (Tamarillo)