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I chatted with Elle Couerblanc a few days ago, and I asked her what her goals were for her blog. She said, at least 300 views per post. That’s an achievable goal, so you guys should send her some blog love! And also add her blog to your reader, she’s a fabulous blogger and one of my favorites. She also did my Twilight Inspired Look blog challenge!

Twilight fans, where are you?? Redgrave recently released the Bella Vampire Skin, Bella Vampire Eyes, and I’m positive they have Edward at the in-world shop too.

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  1. Hiyas! Me and my husband are thinking about do an Edward-Bella post one of those days. The redgrave skins are really impressive and I love it! I’m not really fan of the movie but I love redgrave skins. >< Thank you Kristen for the good comments about my post!<3

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