• How to make poses in Second Life, part 2
    An easy to follow tutorial on how to mirror poses for Second Life using DAZ Studio.

    Editing Shape w/o the Light & Pose
    Bright glaring light? Newbie edit pose? Follow my easy tutorial to improve your editing experience.

    How to sell Lindens
    Get more money for your Lindens! A tutorial explaining how to use the Linden Dollar Exchange and set Limit Sell rates.

    How to make poses in Second Life
    An easy to follow tutorial on how to make poses for Second Life using DAZ Studio.

    JUICYBOMB.COM – Studio Windlight Settings
    Download five of my favorite Studio Windlight settings!

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New JuicyBomb Banner!

new juicybomb.com banner

This blog desperately needed a new banner, so I forced myself to be creative today! I am inspired by hearts, bokeh, and bright & festive colors. Ever since Katey Coppola made a tutorial about bokeh brushes, there was no turning back for me! I looooooooove them. I also tend to reuse a lot of elements from banner to banner (laziness), but also cos I felt really attached to some things!

I taught myself how to use Photoshop, about the same time that I started playing SL. These banners are simple, but they’re self-made, and I’m really proud of that!

Some day, I’ll have a professional (someone better than me) do a banner, but for now, you’re stuck with my works of art! :D

Here is a history of JuicyBomb.com banners, from latest – oldest.

profile bubblegum, gum

September 2011 – December 2012 (a long time)

Juicybomb Banner March 2011

Discovered bokeh!

Juicybomb.com May 2010 banner

Omg, even more stars…

Juicybomb.com new site banner

More stars….

JuicyBomb.com // January 2010 banner

The stars are back!

new juicybomb.com blog banner

Got rid of the stars, and went for an ultra minimal look.

new juicybomb.com header for July 09

Even more stars…

JuicyBomb.com Logos

More stars…

Juicybomb.com Logo!

The “stars” inspired banners. I was obsessed with stars for some reason.

October 2008

Before these, I had a few for my old blog as well.


  • Aww I LOVE the new banner!
    You look so pretty in it, hm I’m not sure what I mean but your face looks so pretty and clean and fresh :) Beautiful!

  • Funny, I was thinking of how you have been mentioning cause the mesh face you started to forget what gogo looked like, so i had the idea to ask you to show us how u have changed over time of you being on sl, so those who are new and stumble across your amazing blog can see how over time you come to change into who you wanna be in sl or something like that. i know for me i have changed alot in sl since i started.

    Your banners kinda did that a little, and was fun to see. i like your banners and you should be proud. I dont think you need anyone else to do them :D new one looks very fresh and such. Love it and your blog as always.

  • This one is the best of all, very fresh, though it does not match the season we have going on, still so fresh and pleasant on the eyes. good work.

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