The Viewing Room

The Viewing Room

Hi everyone! I went to The Viewing Room gallery, and played around with the furniture and even washed my hands in the sink. I think this gallery is brilliant, and so fun to look at! Each photo represents a different tweet by Whiskey Monday, and includes relevant props. My favorite photo had apples spilling out into the room, it’s such an awesome sight. Come see it!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (bwnbrow/crease)
Exile – A Winter’s Tale (Stefani)
Teefy – Lanelle Tube Romper Dress (Fullstripes/Pink) XS
SLink – Vanity Boot (S) Cream
LaGyo – Cherub Ring

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  1. Wow, this is the most gorgeous I’ve seen you looking I think!
    I love light pinks and whites with blonde hair, so so beautiful!

  2. stunning pictures, and looks like fun 🙂 thanks for the heads up ♥


  3. Just went and bought the dress, wow – what a perfect fit they are, so beautifully made!

  4. Loved this place! What a fascinating talent! I couldn’t find the one with apples spilling out. 🙁 I saw one with lemons? Loved the symbolism “When life gives you lemons”…. ha ha. A bombardment of them! I can relate!

    Love this dress you chose too! Now if I could ever TP to Tee*fy I can grab one!

    Great post!

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