This Momo hairstyle from Wasabi Pills is adorable! I’m so happy hair designers have released curly hairstyles lately, there aren’t too many of them in mesh yet. I hope WP releases another style with a side part, and not so much hair covering the face, then it’d be perfect to show off new skins or makeups.


I like to browse the Marketplace for new things when I don’t like anything in my inventory. I found this gorgeous short mesh dress from Caverna Obscura by searching “Victorian Mesh Dress” and started browsing the store after I saw another outfit that was cute. There’s a lot of really great fantasy outfits here!! I wore this Sundress without the floral attachments to give it a more casual look. I looooooove it.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Kumi (Peach) Pure (ltbrow/crease)
Wasabi Pills – Momo Mesh Hair (Powder)
LaGyo – Hummingbird Comb
Caverna Obscura – Sundress (Orchid) S
Celoe – Petal Sandals (Mauve)
Jasha – Oceania Bracelet & Necklace (Hot)
Jamman – Ultra Mesh Fingernails


  1. Wow, just bought this dress, so cute, put it with Gos Barefeet and it’s toooo cute. I did buy Momo, but I’m kinda not happy with how it looks on my av, but looks great on yours! 🙂

  2. so cut this hairs but i think not only curly hairstyls need more respect short hairs do it too.
    i hate all the times i was looking for good hairs in both styles

    the dres is just wow a perfect match

  3. Cool, I have not looked at Caverna Obscura in a while. I wore her confessor outfit (from the seeker) for Halloween two years ago. It was SO detailed and awesome. I will have to look and see what new mesh she has now. =)

  4. I am looking for the bracelet and necklace and I cannot find it in SL or in SL marketplace. Do you have the location for the store?

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