How to sell Lindens

Do you know how Market Sell vs. Limit Sell differs? If you don’t, you’re losing money every time you cash out your Lindens. I discovered back in 2007 after selling Lindens a few times, that I could set a better rate than what’s offered by default on the Linden Dollar Exchange.

First, go to L$ Exchange Settings in your dashboard and change the Interface Mode from Basic -> to Advanced.

How to sell Lindens $L

Then go to the Sell L$ page and look at the Open Sell Orders at the Best 20 Rates, and decide what Exchange Rate you want to sell at. I typically sell at L$248/$1.00US (sells almost instantly, if there’s less than a million Lindens listed already), or some people sell at L$247/$1.00US and the wait may be a few hours to a few days. Any exchange rate higher than the usual lowest rate or not listed there, will sell instantly.

For example, in the picture below, you’ll see that there’s L$330,736 listed for the L$253/US$100 rate, and that person could have listed for $248 and sell instantly, but for some reason they didn’t (and losing money in the process).

How to sell Lindens $L

As a seller, you want to exchange the least number of Lindens for $1USD. The same concept can be applied to Buy orders, except in the reverse. You’d want the most Lindens for your $1USD if you’re buying.

How to sell Lindens $L

Here’s an example of how much money you’d lose selling at Market Sell (the rate determined by the Linden Dollar Exchange vs. Limit Sell (the rate set by you).

$10,000L @ Market Sell = $37.51US proceeds
$10,000L @ Limit Sell = $38.87US proceeds
Difference = $1.36US

That’s not much of a difference, but what if you’re selling hundreds or thousands of Lindens per month?

$80,000L @ Market Sell = $300.00US proceeds
$80,000L @ Limit Sell = $310.89US proceeds
Difference = $10.89US

Think of how much money you could be losing (or gaining) if you used Limit Sell to your advantage!

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  2. Very helpful, thanks! I thought it would take forever if I used Limit Sell.

  3. Charlotte, it takes me on average (@ 248, for years now) an hour or two at most… even if there is a bunch of L$ up there at 248, never longer than two. I do it around when I make dinner once per week (since the transfer to PP fee is 1$ USD, I only do it weekly – used to be monthly when I made less…), and by time dinner is done or right before sleep, it’s ready to send to PP.

    The longest time is once it’s going to PP, usually should take 3 days… but has taken to 11 for me before. Never longer than that, yet… From PP to my bank is 3 business average. Generally if I am lucky I have all the money by Saturday or Monday after pulling on a Tues night. It can be held up, so I prefer to pull out a little more frequently (weekly) so that I am not pulling a huge ton and cannot pay a RL bill on time (although, that is what savings is for!)

    Limit Sell really does make a difference, hundreds per year.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to post this article. I am looking forward to learning how to buy money on SL, so I can shop shop shop… LOL

  5. I never really understood that stuff before. I feel like I have been throwing away money for such a long time. So glad you published this.

  6. thank you so much I heard of this but didnt know how are where to do it. And I have a learning disablity I learn best from visual thank you so much. I am making more and more here in SL so this is great. thank you I well be spreading the news for sure about this post hugs and blessings

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  8. Hi… I will be using your tutorials for my brazilian blog for brazilians residents in sl, ok? always giving credits to your blog… can I ?

  9. Hey, useful information but can you tell me how to increase the sell limit on my account? It says I can’t sell any lindens even though I have plenty.

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