FATEplay Sailor Fuku

FATEplay released the Rena (Sailor Fuku) outfit in 8 colors, but I had to pick just one, so I went with the Green and Pink combination. This outfit includes the shoes and a magic wand!! To be honest, I just bought the outfit cos I wanted the wand, but you get everything for $500L, which is a pretty good deal.

I looove the animation included in the wand, and the particle hearts. The Sailor outfit is cute, but I wished it came with a few more options, such as a HUD to change the color of the bows, and change bow types. I may be really spoiled by all the options from the My School Look by Monso, whose school outfit is still my favorite in SL.

Instead of taking pictures today, I decided to make a video to show you guys the animation. The video quality is slightly lower than my pics, cos my video capture software isn’t that high-res, and I use Windows Movie Maker to edit (LOL).

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  1. I loved the sailor scout uniforms and the hogwarts uniforms they were perfect. I know you said that you wished there was a color change hud but http://www.sailorjupiter.com/graphics/jupiter09.gif Sailor Jupiter which is the outfit you are wearing is green with pink bows. Each outfit was created to specific coloring of the sailor scouts which i my guess why there would be no hud, it’s not needed.

  2. OMG I knew it was meant to represent the Sailor Fuka’s 😀
    I used to be so addicted to Sailor Moon when I was a teen 😀

  3. The video made me smile this morning 🙂 Natalee is correct about the colour choices, the set is heavily inspired by Sailor Moon and everyone has their favourite!

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